Innovative Apps For Apple Mobile Devices  
Smarter Mobile Apps offers consulting services for companies and individuals who need to create or enhance mobile apps.

We can help you with:
  • Quality Assurance. Get a fresh perspective from a knowledgable outsider before submitting your app to Apple's difficult review process. Your company might not have the right people to test your apps. The app's developers are too close to the product and "beta" testers typically provide scattered testing.
  • Usability Analysis. Get early feedback on your app's ease-of-use, navigation and intuitiveness before going to market or even before development.
  • Market Analysis. With more than 1 million apps in the App Store, you need to find out more about the mobile market before your app is created.
  • Product Specifications. We can help you translate a vague app idea into specific product requirements, including user stories, mocked up screens, and more.
  • Product Implementation. We can develop the app to your customer requirements.
Our services are reasonably priced. They are well suited to small companies and even individuals creating first-time apps. A few hours of consulting can save you much time and money.

You can reach us by sending email to: