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Brain Games is the fun AD-FREE app for kids of all ages to practice math, English, puzzles, and more! The app’s endearing animals inhabit an interactive world waiting to be explored. It’s a world where kids are in charge. By moving or ‘cloning’ animals, kids can change the questions asked and see the results. And question difficulty adjusts automatically.

Brain Games can be played anywhere. Play on a large-screen iPad at home or an iPhone while on the go.

The app has 15 games and the number is growing. Advanced difficulty levels and some features (e.g. cloning, animal customization, etc.) are available with purchase of a monthly, auto-renewing subscription. Help on usage of all games & features is built-into Brain Games and is a tap away.

Our unique variety of games will challenge kids of all ages. Here's just a few:
  • Practice spelling or typing
  • Exercise memory with the Hidden Twins game
  • Count animals, or do addition, subtraction, multiplication
  • Listen to stories read aloud
  • Learn numbers, letters, shapes & colors (preschoolers)
  • And a whole lot more
Most of the games have 20 difficulty levels to provide accessibility for toddlers and plenty of challenge for older kids. Difficulty level 1 is free in all games. Advanced levels and other features require a Subscription, available via In-App purchase.

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